Meet Jason, Keyboardist

What is your favorite band? Favorite type of music?
My favorite band of all time is The Beatles. No one has come close to that type of creativity since, with the exception of maybe Vanilla Ice. My favorite type of music is rock- some of my favorite “more recent” bands are O.A.R., Train, TwentyOne Pilots, and Garbage.

What are your five “desert island discs” that you’d want to have if stranded on an island?
This is easy but I have to pick six:
Garbage:Version 2.0
Train: Drops Of Jupiter
Beatles: Sgt. Pepper
Better Than Ezra: Friction,Baby
Dishwalla: Opaline
U2: Joshua Tree

What is the best live show you’ve ever seen?
Tie: U2 live in 1987 Joshua Tree tour and KISS 1996 reunion tour

Most memorable show you played at?
Martell’s Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant NJ, summer 2002 July 4th weekend.

Favorite drink?
Beer. Any beer. Preferably craft beer. Wait, I take that back- no Michelob Ultra please