Meet Bill, Drummer


Bill: drummer by night and Electrician/Director of Building Services by day.

What is your favorite band? Favorite type of music?
Kansas, all music, but Motown has a special place in my heart. Hooks me every time.

What are your five “desert island discs” that you’d want to have if stranded on an island?
Kansas- Left Overture
Kiss- Psycho Circus
Temptations- Greatest Hits
Styx – Grand Illusion
Creed – My Own Prison
And #6 Boston- Third Stage. Sorry, I needed one more.

What is the best live show you’ve ever seen?
Cars and Van Halen. Cars Kicked Ass. David Lee Roth showed his.

Most memorable show you played at?
Jersey Pride at the Garden State Arts Center. Big stage, Big sound, Big crowd, signing CD’s. Cool, Cool, Cool, Day.

Another memorable period was back with The Cold Shoulder playing the Dirt Club, Bitter End, CBGB’s- all those where great.

But I got to tell you this- I played a local club/restaurant recently and a little kid no more than 6 years old was just standing in front of the stage with his mom, while we where setting up, just staring at me and my drums. So I called him over and gave him a pair of my sticks. He and his family stayed to watch the first set and the kid hit everything he could with those sticks while we played. Drove his mom nuts. I hope he becomes a great drummer some day. (Hit ’em hard, kid!)

Favorite drink?
Old fashioned